Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vibrant Living Foods Potluck @ Traditions Cafe

Who: You!
What: Vibrant Living Foods Potluck
When: Sunday, October 25th 7:15p - 9:pm
Where: Traditions Cafe 5th Ave Downtown!
Why: To share delicious living food with our community and neighbors,
Live in joy of creation and expansion of our food choices,
Ask questions, glean knowledge and showcase your delicious creations

"I want to come what can I bring to share?"
- Please bring a Raw Vegan dish of your creation with a recipe card to share. Everyone will want to know how to make what you brought!
- Also please bring your own plates, cups, utensils & napkins pls consider zero waste as an option today and everyday
- Please bring a friend or two and your questions. Children are adored and well feed.
Challenge: How much can you source locally? And what does Local mean to you?


  1. This is great! Raw food finally begins to embrace Olympia! Or is that the other way around??

    There is also a new Meetup in Oly for raw foods, complete with potlucks: