Monday, August 16, 2010

Shifting Gears

After much consideration and over a year of support and cooperation
we are here to offer a bittersweet reconciliation
through receiving greater focus on how to better serve our community
and meet the needs of my family;

Raw Alchemy will continue to operate as a grassroots education organization
encouraging conscious food, communities and relationships by offering

Vibrant Living Food Potlucks every month at Traditions Fair Trade Café

Community and in-home Vibrant Whole Food recipe workshops

Private nutrition and raw food consultations.

We are currently discontinuing wholesale food production.

We offer our appreciation and gratitude to the Olympia Food Co-op
and all of the bellies we filled.

For more information please visit our blog at
Or join the freshest group in Olympia at
Vibrant Raw Food of the South Puget Sound

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Green Wrap

Hey - do you remember that delicious raw green wrap from last summer?
The one with fresh local beets and carrots and zucchini...
the lemon ginger sunflower seed pate?
I want to let you know that today at the Farmer's Market,
some of our wonderful local farmers confirmed the beginning of collard green season in 2 weeks!

so 2 more weeks and
the Wrap is Back!!!

the count down has begun.... yum

Friday, May 14, 2010


Join us for our monthly potluck a week early this month!!
Sunday, May 23rd @ 7pm at Traditions Fair Trade Cafe downtown on 5th Ave.
See you there!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome Back to the Farmers Market

We love you Spring!!
Welcome back to the Farmer's Market and Nettles and all the delicious spring greens!
We are so pleased to have kale to be processed again and excited about the return of Kale Chips.
The deliveries this week are boasting local garlic, water, Jerusalem artichokes, beets from Oregon and lots of local love! We are excited to be working with new farms this year and to see the development of new farms in our area. Yay for local food production! For those of you interested in growing some of your own this year check out the seed exchange at 323 Milroy open Sat, Sun & Mon 4-7 pm.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Long Overdue Return

I have been long absent from the blog although our local farms continue to provide us with amazing organic local produce - even in the winter months.
We are grateful.
We are still utilizing local garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, clover sprouts, beets and apples. We are also in the process of bringing some new items to the shelf for you including our Asian Dressing/Marinade (By popular demand!!)

Things have been flowing a little bit different in 2010 - I have been living in Bellingham, Washington half time working and playing and studying and collaborating with Justin Bilancieri of Bloom a vegan eatery serving organically conscious cuisine in Downtown Bellingham

and Chef Sprout AKA Bruce Horowicz of The Sun Kitchen & R.I.P.E. (Raw Institute of Permaculture Education)

AND completing a Quantum Midwifery course with The Matrona

My partner has taken over Olympia's kitchen duty and all of the responsibilities of maintaining our space at 8 Arms Community Bakery in addition to transitioning Raw Alchemy into the only business currently offering bicycle delivery in all of Olympia. We are pleased to be able to offer the first bicycle courier position in Olympia and to lower on impact on our community. Deliveries to both Olympia Food Co-ops are now being made on bicycle as well as scooping up most of the supplies.

We are in the process of creating some exciting new everythings!
Keep posted with the classes and potlucks here and at our MeetUp site.
Our next class is Thursday @ GRuB's Kirtchen, see you there!

02.14.2010 - Nori Local Consumption

The NEWS: We are pleased to announce that we have transitioned from toasted conventional nori sheets to Raw Organic Nori. The less exciting part is that it is coming from China. Earlier this week we located another source from the US and are planning the transition to cut down on food transit.
Yay Raw Nori!

Organic Raw Nori (sourced from product of China), Local Organic Jersulem Artichoke (Wobbly Cart Farming Collective), Local Organic Beets (Wobbly Cart Farming Collective), Organic Carrots (California), Organic Parsley (California), Local Organic Apple (Filaree Farm), Local Organic Clover Sprouts (Washington), Local Organic Garlic (Pigman's Organic Produce Patch), Organic Ginger (Peru), Local Well Water, Organic Tamari, Organic Raw Sesame Oil, Sundried Organic Raisins (California)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Healthy Food = HEALthy Body

May your day be blessed!