Monday, August 16, 2010

Shifting Gears

After much consideration and over a year of support and cooperation
we are here to offer a bittersweet reconciliation
through receiving greater focus on how to better serve our community
and meet the needs of my family;

Raw Alchemy will continue to operate as a grassroots education organization
encouraging conscious food, communities and relationships by offering

Vibrant Living Food Potlucks every month at Traditions Fair Trade Café

Community and in-home Vibrant Whole Food recipe workshops

Private nutrition and raw food consultations.

We are currently discontinuing wholesale food production.

We offer our appreciation and gratitude to the Olympia Food Co-op
and all of the bellies we filled.

For more information please visit our blog at
Or join the freshest group in Olympia at
Vibrant Raw Food of the South Puget Sound

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