Friday, October 16, 2009

This week Local Agriculture

In the changing of the season we have also been changing products,
assuming that our bodies perfer to eat what is local and seasonal
and in the season of fall when we celebrate our abundance and the harvest
funny to find the lack of bio diversity on our local farms
In knowing what would be in season I constructed a menu around that
the surprise came in trying to find these items in abundance

Cauliflower only shows it's white form in one stall at the farmers market
(though the Romanesco is available at Kirsop)
and Burdock an amazing edible medicinal was not available at the market at all
until Wobbly Cart heard the demand and expanded it past the co-op shelves.
Celeriac Root - great for slaws (especially with seasonal local apples), salads and soups
has only appeared at Wobbly Cart and Boistfort Valley's booths so far this season
Tip: the top of the Celeriac root can be dehydrated and ground into celery salt

Let's do what we can to encourage winter gardening and bio diversity.
Can you think on one thing?

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