Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Local Consumption Harvest Pasta

Local Organic Carrots (Boistfort Valley Farm), Local Organic Beets (Pigman's Organic Produce Patch), Local Organic Music Garlic (Calliope Farm), Local Water, Organic Ginger (Peru), Local Organic Jim's Silver Garlic (Pigman's Organic Produce Patch), Sundried Raisins (California), Organic Tamari, Organic Raw Sesame Oil, Organic Raw Sesame Seeds

I like to have a lot of room to stir my sauce into the carrot and beet spiraled strands, so usually when I eat this I pour it into a larger bowl. I am always amazed how full the bowl is... for a minute!

Lately this is the dish that my toddler is requesting too. Although the one she "makes" is "cauliflower nori and sprouts for you"

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