Friday, August 21, 2009

This Week Local Consumption - Green Wrap

The Green Wrap is now 100% Vegan!!
Thank You!!
We sold out of all the wraps we made for this week
and had to make them again!
Thursdays Batch -
Collard Greens - Kirsop Farm
Carrots - Kirsop Farm
Beets - Wobbly Cart
Zucchini - Helsing Junction & Calliope Farm
Garlic - Kisop Farm
Dill - Kirsop Farm
Water - wel...
7 of our 14 ingredients are souced Locally in Thurston County!
What's not from here...
lemons, sunflower seeds, dulse, spirulina, tahini, olive oil & Hawaiian Ginger,
Know Where Your Food Comes From!!!

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