Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Local Production for Local Consumption

One of the ideas for this blog was to create a place to identify our local sourcing.

This week:
Collard Greens - Kirsop Farm
Garlic - Kirsop Farm
Carrots - Calliope Farm
Zucchini - Calliope Farm
Beets - Calliope Farm
Dill - Calliope Farm
(Side note: My daughter and I were able to go to Calliope Farm to pick up our produce
and this week we were able to harvest all of the beets ourselves. Megan gathered everything else from the field for us. Then Megan and Eraelah planted tiny little lettuce sprouts together. We are getting closer to our seed to belly mission! Eraelah also made a bee line - pun intended - to hug Benjamin Pixie. She loves his honey. She's requests it on a spoon. Just raw honey & a spoon, she knows how to live.)
Raw Honey - Pixie
Well Water - the well.... cause it's in the water, right?

We are so excited to be creating such fresh food! All of the produce we use that can be grown in our climate is being locally sourced right now. We are so grateful to the farmers for growing such delicious food. We also have a working relationship with and have featured food from:
Wobbly Cart Farming Collective
Rising River Farm
Pigman's Organic Produce
Boistfort Valley

If you have a farm here in Oly and are interested in working with us, let us know!

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